Theory of Knowledge

TOK Presentations

TOK Essay

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In the past we have had students who are not working towards an IB Diploma. In some cases, these students have needed the criteria to modified because of language capabilities or they needed learning support. These are the criteria we came up with for those students; command terms were changed, boundaries may have been shifted, and directions are more specific. The objectives of the assignments are the same.  These are not official and should never be used for assessments being sent to IBO as part of the diploma.

Projects, Lessons, etc.

There are hundreds of incredible teachers out there sharing. TOK is the one class where resources have always been easily shared, remixed, and re-imagined.  These are just some lessons that I think went particularly well that I developed (unless otherwise noted) and aren’t breaking any copyright laws. This is far from comprehensive, but hopefully it might spark something from you.

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