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Everything is a Remix: Classroom Edition

From Everything is a Remix, Part III: The Elements of Creativity* Bob Dylan’s first album contained eleven cover songs. Richard Pryor began his stand-up career doing a not-very-good imitation of Bill Cosby. And Hunter S. Thompson re-typed The Great Gatsby … Continue reading

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Standards in Education: Pink Collar Jobs, Farming in Bulgaria and NETS

I have taught students in Brownsville, Texas that the moderate climate and fertile soil of Bulgaria allows for the farming of vineyards, roses, and tobacco.  I have also taught students in Northern Virginia that nursing, secretarial work, and teaching are … Continue reading

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Things I Know and Don’t Know: Flipped Classroom Edition

I have absolutely no desire to watch a Khan Academy video.  It’s math.  I am scared of math*.  I know there is other stuff on there, but I have always associated Khan Academy with math.  And as I hear more … Continue reading

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What I know and what I don’t know: Technology in the classroom edition

I had to wait until I was 10 to get my Apple II GS, which I’m pretty sure had less power than my iPhone.  I sent my first e-mail when I was 15, using AoL address.   Today, if you walked … Continue reading

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