MYP Humanities



The rubrics are based on the 2005 guide. They will be updated with the new criteria as we re-teach the units this year.

Link here for Minecraft and MYP Humanities Projects

Kiva Project (MYP Humanities Year 4)

Students create an elevator pitch and a written grant proposal asking for funding for a microloan from Kiva.

Kiva Pitch

Task Specific Clarifications. (TSC) (2012 Guide)

Conflict Research and Essay Project (MYP Humanities Year 5)

For 2012, the conflict the students were researching and writing about was the Syrian Conflict. The topic may change yearly and would be easily modified for any current event.

The Assessment Procedure Sheet

Task-Specific Criteria (2012 Guide)

Tweeting the Civil War (Grade 9 History)

Students take on the role of a historical figure from the American Civil War and tweet as that character for the entire unit on “causes of the American Civil War.” Can be adapted so students can tweet as themselves or a fictional character.

Assignment Sheet

TweetingtheCivilWar (rubric)

Generations Project (Grade 9 History)

Adapted from a MYP assignment from Munich International School.   Students interview three generations of family.  and gather primary and secondary data from the lives of all three generations.  Students must analyze similarities and differences between the generations. Students present the information using the media of their choice.

Child Labor Trial (Year 3 MYP Humanities)

Students take on the role of various people who were invested in child labor during Britain’s Industrial Revolution.  They then must craft arguments using primary data that argue for or against child labor.

Assignment Sheet

Task Specific Rubric

Child Labor in The Modern World (Year 3 MYP Humanities)

A cumulative activity of the Industrial Revolution unit.  Student researched child labor in the modern world.  There were only three requirements:  Do what interests you.  Use your time fully.  Cite your sources.

Assignment Sheet

Website with student work

8 Responses to MYP Humanities

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  2. vanweringh says:

    Rebekah, thanks for the wonderful resources! We are a school new to MYP. I’m the Head of the Hums department and looking at how we are going to implement MYP. The learning curve is steep but I know I haven’t even scratched the surface. It is great to see how you use the framework for your tasks etc. The Kiva project looks great.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi..So glad it helps. This will be updated as we move in the new guide next year, but I really love MYP Humanities and think it can be an amazing class. Let me know if I can help in anyway. RM

  3. Greg Hamer says:


    As a DP Biology teacher press ganged in to teaching MYP Humanities, your resources are a great help. I find myself being able to adapt your ideas to fit into my rather unique classes (2 students in MYP 1, three students in MYP 2). Your great ideas give me ideas which seem to be working pretty well so far. I have also found that it doesn’t take too much “panelbeating” for your ideas to conform to the new guidelines. Put simply – you rock!

    Best Regards,

    Greg Hamer
    XHIS, Xi’an, China

    • I never would have thought that my stuff would help MYP science. But maybe a sign that MYP is getting better. So glad it could help….we all need to support each other. Let me know if I can help in any other way. And thanks for your comment…it means a lot to know it’s not a waste of time to put it out there.

  4. Greg Hamer says:

    “not a waste of time”!? As my students back in North Carolina would say – “You crazy, yo!” There are a lot of teachers in my boat. ANY help people like you provide in understanding and implementing MYP principles and practices is GOLD. Thanks so much again. GH

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