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Empathy and a 7th Grade History Class

This post is part of my Professional Growth Plan documentation on how I’m using Design Thinking in my classroom One Grade 7 assignment I have done the past few years is a trial set during the Industrial Revolution, where students … Continue reading

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Creating Questions: Ideation in a MYP World

My students spent a week coming up with a good question. A single question – average around 10 words –  took my 8th graders a week to come up with. In comparison, my students will spend a week actually putting … Continue reading

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A Teacher Thinking Visibly

See, Think, Wonder Back in February, I signed up to take the Making Thinking Visible course offered through Harvard Project Zero. I had seen the teachers in the elementary school at YIS go through the class and heard how they … Continue reading

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Sustainabilty and Inquiry: Asking Questions, Failing and Learning

My kids are failing and struggling and I’ve never been more proud of them. We are in the midst of a project and I don’t know if they are going to get done what I thought they were going to … Continue reading

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7th Graders (And One Teacher) Learning with Minecraft

Grade 7 seems like the wrong grade to pilot using Minecraft as a learning tool. This is an age where real-world interactions are difficult enough and empathy is sometimes lacking due to the fact that their bodies are rushed with … Continue reading

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The New MYP Humanities

If I haven’t said it before, I’m a big fan of MYP. Content takes a backseat to concept-driven curriculum. Skill development is more important than memorizing random facts. And right now we’re going through the growing pains of a new … Continue reading

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Creating Infographics: Making Numbers Sing

… Few people will appreciate the music if I just show them the notes. Most of us need to listen to the music to understand how beautiful it is. But often that’s how we present statistics; we just show the … Continue reading

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Students Inspiring Action and Creating Awareness

The Assignment: Working in small groups or individually, you need to create something that communicates to people what you learned about modern-day Child Labor. It can inspire ACTION or it can CREATE awareness. You have freedom to ask a question … Continue reading

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Ninth Graders Wearing Ties, Kyrgyzstan, and Kiva Loans

Last Tuesday, 40 ninth graders were confidently presenting elevator pitches to the 2 teachers, the Head of Humanities, the Head of Academics, and the Head of School.  The boys were wearing ties, if you need proof that it was big … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye to the Five Paragraph Essay

My first five paragraph essay that I remember writing was on the word “square”.  I was in 9th grade Honors English and the assignment was to pick a word, go to the Oxford English Dictionary, and write a five paragraph … Continue reading

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