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MYP Humanities Instructor. International School Teacher in Japan. Google Certified Teacher. Apple Distinguished Educator. National Board Certified Teacher. Traveler & TV Watcher. This is where I write my thoughts about all of the above.

Learning from Each Other: Getting Meta with Professional Learning

I have recently taken on a new role at YIS…In-School Professional Development Leader. More to come on what this means, but it’s really thinking about how we support teacher learning while at ELC to grade 12, whether in meetings, PD … Continue reading

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“You’re just like Kris Jenner, Ms. Madrid”

“You’re just like Kris Jenner, Ms. Madrid”.                                                 -Grade 11 DP History Student on May 8th, 2015 That … Continue reading

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Leadership Day 2: Empowering Student Leaders in Middle School

You can’t make the term “project management” sound fun. Or cool. Or like anything you want to think about ever. Every consenant sounds harsh and the concept sounds like something out of The Office. So with that said, I had … Continue reading

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Live Tweeting a History Class

I’ll be tweeting our WWI historians breakfast at #16HISYIS — Rebekah Madrid (@ndbekah) September 10, 2014 Starting the live tweeting of WWII Historians Dinner Party #16hisyis — Rebekah Madrid (@ndbekah) March 20, 2015    I’m starting this with … Continue reading

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Attach yourself to people not to apps.

In the past 14 hours I have… Had a text conversation on WhatsApp with my college roommate about her visit from Chicago to Japan in a couple of weeks. Had a Facebook conversation with another old roommate who lives in … Continue reading

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Bouncy Ball Revolution

There are are lot of words written about how we need to get our kids to move. “Movement isn’t a break from learning; movement is learning” – Washington Post Children are going to class with bodies that are less prepared to learn than ever before. … Continue reading

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Why are you here?

My classroom often looks like this. creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by ndbekah A mess. A disaster. Craft supplies everywhere. Boxes that contain things like cans of helium, a disco ball, and a witches hat. And … Continue reading

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What’s Next: Beyond Blogging

I was lucky enough to be able to facilitate the Beyond Blogging workshop at YIS earlier this month with Jabiz. Trust me that I get the irony that blogging has fallen to the bottom of my to-do list too many … Continue reading

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A teacher learning from her student leaders

I am writing this as part of my Professional Growth Plan this year: Student Leadership.  I love being a middle school Student Council advisor. To other people, planning middle school dances, trying to run meetings with 12 year olds, and … Continue reading

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Visible Thinking: Not Just for Little Kids

I’m thrilled this year to be teaching DP History again. It’s been a while (my entire time at YIS) and I’ve missed it. But in my years focusing on MYP and middle school, I’ve picked up some new teaching strategies … Continue reading

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