Why are you here?

My classroom often looks like this.

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by ndbekah

A mess. A disaster. Craft supplies everywhere. Boxes that contain things like cans of helium, a disco ball, and a witches hat.

And it often looks like this at lunch time.

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by ndbekah

creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-SA ) flickr photo shared by ndbekah
Kids running around making messes. And talking loudly/screaming.

They were in my room today during lunch making messes and making noise. Student Council kids getting ready for Digital Citizenship Week. Dance committee kids get ready for this Friday’s dance. And they didn’t have to be there. I didn’t ask them to come. They were just here.

So I asked them, “Why are you here?”  What makes them want to give up lunch to do work?

Here’s what they said:

My job here is a minion, so I help with everything” Oscar, Dance Committee

“I oversee the whole dance committee and …I want to make sure everything is ready by Friday” Kai – Student Council President

“Since I’m leaving YIS this year, I want to leave it…better” Garrick, Student Council, Digital Citizenship Week Committee

‘We’re not done with the decorations yet” Erica, Student Council, Decorations Committee


I’m getting drinks to the refrigerator and I’m doing it because it’s good for the school” Quirijn, Student Council Member, Dance Committee


“I’m here because it makes me feel like a part of YIS…and make sure they have fun and we have fun as well.” Tessa, Decorations Commitee

“I could be eating lunch, but…I feel the responsibility to make this school a better place and a fun place for others” – Lisa

I love the chaos of getting ready for dances and assemblies and all the other things we do. I am constantly telling these students how happy they make me. And they come because they like feeling part of something. And they come because they feel responsible and they care for other students. The projects have value and the deadlines are real. They come because they are the ones in charge. And they come because it’s fun. And sometimes I wonder how I can translate to the other places where I get to interact with my students.

I do know that the decorations committee will be here Friday before school and Digital Citizenship committee will be here on Thursday. Not because it’s required. But because they want to.


As part of my Professional Growth Plan , I am going to be doing the periodic blog post on how I what I am thinking in terms of Student Leadership





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