Learning to…

Two days after arriving home from Learning2.0 Singapore, two tweets seem to summarize how I am feeling…

It’s with this dizzying mix of exhaustion and exhilaration, on the edge of a (literal) typhoon, that I start the bullet points.*

  • I’m excited that Learning 2.0 is really Learning to_________. The blank can be filled with verbs like “tell stories”, “code”, “capture stories” ,”build robots”, etc. The palpable excitement around the maker movement, the focus on pedagogy, and the desire to find a way to bridge student passions with classroom learning suggests to me that things are changing. And they are changing quickly.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Clint Hamada

  • There have been a couple (dozen) times when I wonder what I have done to be so lucky to be in the room learning from such amazing and impassioned educators. I thought this when I was in the conference hall with all 400+ participants. Or when I was in the room of COETAILers. Or when I was was working with the amazing Learning2Leaders. But I honestly believe hard work (coupled with willingness to share) has given me this opportunity. And I will be working just as hard to stay in that room, because the amount that I learned from every teacher I met is a gift
  • International schools in Asia actually form a giant/global school district. I’m amazed how many teachers I have met in different countries and continents and how many people I know when I go to a conference. Not needing to “meet and greet” means we can get to the big issues we are dealing with in our schools.
  • I will be taking Visual Notes from now on. Even though I don’t draw.
  • I will be learning more about Design Thinking. Stay tuned for more blog posts.
  • Sub-bullets from Everything is a Remix: Learning2 Edition.** Huge thanks to the positive and energetic participants who I learned a tons from.
        • Remix is the current word for Creativity. This resonates for all teachers. Imitating then innovating – in multimedia, products, text- is a concept worth exploring and I found myself really geeking out.
        • The skills of remix are really non-technical. After watching a series of remixes teachers noted that skills were: research, visual literacy, background knowledge of content, being able to recognize tone, storyboarding and more. The technical skills were editing. Even those of us not comfortable with editing can and do teach all the other skills.
        • Creative Commons, citation, and attribution and Fair Use is a quagmire for schools. But I think one way to have this resonate with schools is to teach this line with academic honesty and plagiarism. We teach students not to Cut and Copy, to chose a little bit of text and create something new, and that citation is required by IB. Why aren’t we teaching this with new media as well?
        • Our students are remixing. Check their YouTube channels. So why aren’t we embracing this in our classrooms?
    • This is the third conference in six months where I have thought about moonshot thinking.

I still don’t know what my moonshot is. Jeff Utecht challenged us to find our moonshot and not knowing what mine is making me a little nervous. But I’m pretty sure that I’m on my way. And I plan on dreaming BIG.  And I have some amazing people who inspire me and who will have my back (to push or support) when I know which moon I’m shooting for.


* I reserve the right to add more bullets, as I think of them. I just wanted to write it down before life got super busy.

** I’ve been thinking about remix for the past six months in preparation for this session I knew I would be leading at Learning2. I’m not ready to stop thinking about it.

About Rebekah Madrid

MYP Humanities Instructor. International School Teacher in Japan. Google Certified Teacher. Apple Distinguished Educator. National Board Certified Teacher. Traveler & TV Watcher. This is where I write my thoughts about all of the above.
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8 Responses to Learning to…

  1. Merilyn says:

    Here’s a moonshot for you – Learning2 Africa involves urban, government, African schools! 🙂

  2. Jeff Utecht says:

    Your moonshot will come to you and when it does I can’t wait to hear all about it. Dream big and take a shot…..

  3. I’ve still completely overwhelmed and trying to make some sense of what happened! I think that it was the best Learning 2 ever. I love your concept that SE Asia is like a giant school district – no need for the ‘meet & greet’ – but that’s where the analogy stops in that we don’t have the red tape & the hierarchy and all the other trappings – we are a fully inclusive bunch of educators who are striving to remain ‘relevant’. Loved catching up with you. My kids loved your talk! Loved it!!

    • It was an amazing conference. I still haven’t made sense of it. But I do know its strength lies in the people who are there and the people who make things happen. It’s kind of awe inspiring. I can’t wait to see what happens next. And there is absolutely no better compliment than the kids loving my talk.

      Wonderful to see you too! Your words of advice stay with me always 😉

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