End-of-year Review

At the start of the school year, I wrote a post with New (School) Year’s resolutions. They promise me that the school year is ending this week, so it seemed like a good time to reflect on my year.

  1. Keep up with this blog.  If I ask my students to do it, then I should be too.  Yes. In large part, this is thanks to COETAIL. I have really appreciated the experience of blogging.  I don’t think I will be writing a post a week, but I have really loved building a community and reflecting about my teaching. The internet won’t be getting rid of me yet.
  2. Make my school blog better.  Yes…with qualifications. My school blog is still me putting information out there. And I think it’s really good for that. It’s not a community. But I think I’m okay with that. The purpose of my school blog is to put information out there and it’s a useful and attractive space for that.
  3. Get an organization system (paper and computer) that works for me.  Nope. Not even close. My googledocs are a mess. My desk is a mess. I must figure this out.
  4. Use computers (and technology) wisely. Yes. I’ve made mistakes, but I truly believe the advent of the Connected Learning Community at YIS  and COETAIL has made me a better teacher and my classroom a better place. I hope I am always as thoughtful about how I use technology as I am now.
  5. Just because it worked before, doesn’t mean I need to do it again.  And in conjunction with that, I hope I don’t reinvent the wheel for the sake of reinventing the wheel.  I think this one was making sure I wasn’t bored with my teaching, but also didn’t overwhelm myself with work. I’m happy with the balance I hit.
  6. Get student work back faster.  Same goal after 11 years. I’m a slow grader.  I must be better! Nope. I have certain assignments that I can get back quickly. But on the whole, I still struggle with this. Next year, I promise!
  7. Decorate my classroom nicely and keep it neat.  I’m happy with this one. I’m happy when I walk into my classroom. It looks good. Except my desk. That’s a disaster.
  8. Say “no” when I think I can’t contribute and “yes” when I think I can make a difference.   This is regarding any and all voluntary committee-work. I am happy with almost everything I said yes to. I have so many opportunities to make a difference at my school and to try new things. Sometimes that just means a lot of meetings. But I can’t stress enough how grateful for all the opportunities, despite the craziness.
  9. Continue to develop my PLN and start to be more of a contributor than just a lurker.  Another one I’m proud of myself for. I am really amazed that I know people via Twitter and then I get to meet them at conferences . Or even better, I get to go out for dinner with people who I usually have 140 character conversations with. And blogging has opened this door even more.
  10. Stay focused on the kids It has been, and should forever remain, about my students. If my answer was anything but yes, I should leave teaching. But it remains about the students. They drive me nuts sometimes and every once in a while I think about running away to a place where they don’t allow adolescents. But I’m so lucky to do what I do. It’s so amazing to watch them grow as students. And they can make me laugh. So I’ll be back for one more year. And let’s see what happens next.

About Rebekah Madrid

MYP Humanities Instructor. International School Teacher in Japan. Google Certified Teacher. Apple Distinguished Educator. National Board Certified Teacher. Traveler & TV Watcher. This is where I write my thoughts about all of the above.
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1 Response to End-of-year Review

  1. Kay Solomon says:

    As I read this post, I recognized much about you that is in me. I struggle with most of what you struggle with as well. Everything except #9 sounds almost exactly like me, especially #6. Every year, I note this as one of my goals to attain. Every year I fall short, but I get a little better each year too. Thank you for articulating what I’ve been thinking about all year.

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