3 Responses to Learning Something New in 2012

  1. “Technology opens doors you didn’t think you wanted open.” Love this line.

    I am in love with Instagram too. I find it such a great community builder, I am learning so much about the people I follow by the way they choose to share how they see the world. You included.
    As for DSLRs, I never use mine anymore. They say the best camera is the one you have on you and I always have my phone. I would like to spend more time taking “real” photos with my “real” camera, but my Instagram shots are too easy and too much fun. Besides they are out in the world as soon as I take the shot!

    I only know a little code, and yes it is useful. Good luck.

    Hey give DS106 a shot. Might help you open more of those doors:


    • I am never without my iPhone, which is why its great. And the lack of cords is huge. We’ll see what I do next.
      I read that link you posted about ds106.us and I’m more and more intrigued. I’m going to keep exploring it and when I’m ready, I’ll probably dive in. Thanks!

  2. Kim Cofino says:

    Yay! Isn’t it amazing what sharing can do. I kind of think it’s the sharing that’s got you hooked – not the technology (although of course the technology is what enables the sharing). I feel the same way about photography, I felt it when I joined Flickr, but I feel it so much more with Instagram. There’s something about the community and the audience that is so motivating. This is why I’m so passionate about having our students share too.

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